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My name is Sam and I’m the owner and administrator of students making money online. As you can see from my picture to your right I’m just a laid back 23-year-old student consumed by my studies and social life but something makes me different than your everyday student which would be my work profession and History.

Right now I’m on a 3-year business management course at the University of Birmingham working towards my degree in business management but this isn’t the first time I’ve been attending higher education. In fact, it’s my second.

In 2010, I was enrolled at South Birmingham college on a 2-year course studying Media production. I passed both years earning my BTEC level 1 and BTEC level 2 in media production but by July 2012 I left college and my studies to join the ranks of Employment.

I began working life as a retail assistant working at a service station called Midland link working Saturday, Sunday, Monday and, Tuesday as a night shift worker. I wasn’t studying anything and my life consisted of working and socializing revolving around partying which was a lot of fun, at first.

Time Passed…

As time went by I found myself unemployed within 13 months when my boss sold his business to new owners who had replaced me and my co-workers with a new workforce. The new workforce happened to be family members of the new boss and management so they made midland link a family run business.

This led me into a cycle of dead-end jobs starting with a Christmas contract with Pound world, a warehouse position packaging shoes at a company called clogs, another packaging position and container offloader for a company called Wincanton and then onto Amazon for another Christmas season Job lasting 4 months. I was in and out of employment and I hated my life feeling I was going nowhere other than one dead end Job after another.

I had to do something and the thought of returning back to education was constantly on my mind but I didn’t know what profession to target and how I was going to balance out working life with studying. I was stuck and miserable.

Then Things Changed

Early January 2015 came around and I found myself searching online for career options reading a lot of articles. Most explained how I would have to spend years studying before even landing an entry level Job in a profession which was common sense to me. I was willing to invest my time for the future but I wanted something that I could learn on my own time instead of having to sit class after class week in and week out so I was after a self-taught way of learning and I found it.

After reading many articles about employment and careers I read a lot about self-employment with most articles covering starting your own business. I’ve always been fond of business studies but never really believed I could actually be any good at it until I found a review online covering the Wealthy Affiliate University.

The review explained how Wealthy affiliate could help me build an online business from scratch and even teach me how to market it and run it even though I had no knowledge or experience in this profession. I didn’t even have the confidence to trust in my own abilities so I was hesitant to take action but something made me investigate more. I think it was desperation.

The Best Decision I Made

At the end of the review there was a link directing me to the home page of Wealthy Affiliate. After reading the home page I learned that the Wealthy Affiliate University specialized in teaching you how to build a successful online affiliate business from scratch ending with an offer to join for free so I thought why not and soon joined up on a free account.

On the inside, I was offered two free subdomain websites, two free training courses containing 10 lessons each, and I had access to one free Classroom. Most importantly I had a twenty-minute induction from the co-owner Kyle who explained in clear detail how Wealthy affiliate could benefit me going forward.

It took me only 6 hours to complete course 1 and only 4 hours to complete phase one of the Boot camp training. By the end of both courses I had a website established with content created and published, I understood the basics of how affiliate marketing worked and even had my website set up for SEO with a basic understanding of how SEO worked.

Then I Upgraded To Premium

After completing the two free courses I found myself interested in moving forward. Moving forward to take on the other 40 lessons delivered in four new courses and then onto another 70 lessons found within the Bootcamp section on the website.

The premium price stood at $49.00/MTH but due to me upgrading in my first 7 days I only had to pay $19.00 which was a special offer for those who take action early. This was pennies to me when you know I’m British who uses the Sterling currency because when converted this amount was only £13.35p which I paid for using the savings I had accumulated from working for Amazon which was around £740.00.

Being unemployed couldn’t have come at a greater time because having more time on my hands left me with no excuse not to complete my training and in only one month I completed the official training after spending hours a day going through lesson after lesson.

Here I Found My New Direction

The niche of the Wealthy affiliate platform is the make money niche and the main motive to why members join up is to learn how to make money online. However, I knew I had to remain realistic knowing only too well that expecting full-time income status from a website was a long-term goal. So instead of believing I’ll be making money in just a couple of months I instead decided to set a two-year goal plan to give Wealthy affiliate a shot.

Yearly membership for Wealthy Affiliate stood at $359.00/Year and in my currency, this was only £252.31p/Year. Double this figure and for a two-year membership, I would only have to invest £504.62p which worked out for me saving 72% over a two year period if I went yearly instead of paying the $49.00/MTH fee.

The Result Of My Investment

Within a year I was earning around £500.00/MTH with my first website with the revenue coming from income sources such as affiliate programs I was promoting and Ad sense from Google. I had practiced marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, Social media, Video, Email and Content marketing and had achieved the entry-level experience of becoming an online marketer and online business owner.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me this and I was still just scratching the surface because throughout 2016 and into 2017 I went on to learn more about niche development and selling domains once I created the foundation for others who didn’t have the skills. I’ve only sold two websites so far reaping me just under £400.00 but this is from being an entry-level marketer and an entry-level niche developer. Just think what the professional level experience could potentially reap.

This is Why I Want To Help You

Although, I’m still growing as an online marketer and niche developer myself I now know how to generate revenue from my online activities so I no longer need to rely on working for others regarding employment. I understand there are a lot of people in the world who have similar stories as mine who may have left their studies to become average Joe and Mary or students currently in college wanting to make extra income.

I can’t stress how important studying is because the only reason I left college back in 2012 was due to lacking funds to afford a basic lifestyle and also because I lost interest in Media studies but instead of finding a new course to take I went out into the world and got nothing but one dead-end job after another becoming Joe myself.

Since finding, studying and practicing the lessons I learned from Wealthy affiliate I’ve not only found my direction in where I want to go in life career wise but I’ve also learned how to generate revenue which is really just an extra bonus.

The truth is I’m more happy that I know the career I want to pursue is business and already I’m taking the right action by starting my business management course back in September 2017 five years later after leaving my first college. This wouldn’t have happened without Wealthy Affiliate being the influence which is why I’m so loyal to the program.

This is why I want to help average Joe, Mary who feel lost and students who want to learn online marketing and niche development so you don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made leaving your studies behind and accepting low dead end Jobs which will only make you miserable in the end. It’s better to have independent alternatives.

You may find you too want a career in business or instead of working for others going forward you can learn to work for yourself because in the industry of niche development any passion can be turned into an online business.

Anyway, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and even feel free to share any of my contents you find on my platform with your social media channels.



Founder of Students Making Money Online

Email: Sam@studentsmakingmoneyonline.com

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