Should I Drop Out Of College ?

If you’re finding yourself asking “Should I drop out of College?” then you’re in desperate need of a reality dose of what will happen if you remove yourself from education in the exchange for entering the real world of work.

Speaking from experience I left college in 2012 after studying Media production for two years at South Birmingham college located in the West Midlands. I left my studied behind and in only five years found myself returning back to education after experiencing the harsh realities of the world as a low-skilled worker.

With that said, allow me to inform you of what will happen if you do leave college with little skills and experience to serve the real world where I cover the grim realities of low skilled employment that I’ve personally experienced first hand.

My objective with this post is to try and sway you away from considering leaving college and instead remain or change course to prepare yourself for the real world the right way so you don’t experience the same realities I’ve faced which is information I wish I knew back in 2012.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years From Now?

Being asked where do you see yourself in five years from now is a serious question to consider. I once asked myself this question back in 2012 but due to being ignorant at the time I could only give a broad response such as earning money living my life.

I didn’t state clear to myself how I was going to be earning money and I didn’t know what living life was really about because I was only 18 at the time. Yet I still left education without any real direction.

What were my motives? My motives for dropping out of education were simple. I lost interest in my studies revolving around Media production after earning my BTEC level 1 and BTEC level 2 and I really wanted to start earning money because at the time I had never earned a wage before.

It only took me 2 years to realize Media production wasn’t an industry I wanted to build a career around and when I was in college I was aged between 16 – 18. At the time, most employers wouldn’t employ people my age instead they would offer work experience that I had no interest in because I won’t work for free which is understandable. So when I turned 18 I was able to find paid work so I was ready to leave my studies behind and actually start earning a wage becoming a taxpayer.

Where My Decision Led Me

After leaving college it only took me 3 months to find my first Job at a service station called Midland link which I landed after being recommended by a friend and from here I became a cashier working nightshifts. My shift pattern was straightforward starting on Saturday night and finishing the week on Wednesday morning working from 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM. I earned £189.00/Week.

This job was great but within only 13 months I found myself unemployed after my boss sold the business to new investors who took over the management and eventually the workforce now employing their own at the expense of letting the old workforce go after the contracts expired. Once this happened Midland link changed their brand name to Midland motor fuel and today it’s a family run business which has closed off employment from outsiders who are not family related or friend associated.

Losing my job was a setback but I soon started applying for new roles which led me to work for companies such as Pound World on a Christmas contract as a sales assistant, Clogs packing shoes as a packager, Wincanton working as a container offloader and then Amazon for another Christmas contract stowing products on nightshifts.

I worked for all these companies during a 15 month period near the end of 2013 – 2015 and most of my contracts wasn’t full-time employment instead they were agency work with the most money I earned being £348.00/Week after tax when I worked for Amazon.

This was great because I secured what I wanted but I was very miserable on a personal, professional and social level because my life was based on completing grunt work for others so I was learning no real skills plus heading nowhere leaving me feeling empty and quite bitter with myself.

How Things Changed

Early 2015 came around and I once again found myself unemployed looking for work with around £740.00 in savings which was money I saved while working for Amazon. It was around this time when I started to regret leaving education causing me to really reflect on my life.

Then one day after searching for a Job online I found myself coming across a lot of articles encouraging readers to go independent by becoming self-employed with their own business. I liked the idea but I had a problem. The problem was I really didn’t have any skills to offer in a trade because my work History back then only developed me skills in customer service and skills packing products, offloading products or stowing products. So I stood no chance of going independent in the real world.

However, after reading more articles on self-employment I kept coming across countless articles encouraging me to start an online business with an offer to help me get trained on a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. After reading many positive reviews about the service I gave it a shot seeing it as a way to develop new skills while I still looked for work online.

New Skills Plus New Direction

In only 8 months Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to build a website from scratch, how to market it and how to make money with it through affiliate marketing and advertising.

After learning the ropes I started to feel full again because I was making money in a whole new different way and I wasn’t in a warehouse at night or on the field as a sales assistant. Instead, I was in my bedroom in bed creating content while checking my email account to find commissions had been made but this was after I put a lot of work in learning the ropes beforehand.

Making money online was great and feeling independent was even greater but this isn’t where the value was found for me that changed everything. The value which changed my life around regarding direction was self-discovery when I learned Business is the right career path for me which led me back to education in September 2017 with a new course to settle on.

It had been five years since I left college before I enrolled in a new course studying Business management which is a 3-year course at the University of Birmingham. Now I study at the campus while I work for myself online. I no longer work dead-end Jobs and for the first time in 5 years, I felt back on track.

The Reality of Working Low-skilled Jobs

I don’t want to sound insulting here, but a lot of low skilled Jobs usually attract a lot of low-quality people who are not professional in any way which affects the workflow and social environment in so many ways.

In my experience, a lot of people I’ve worked with couldn’t separate their social life from their work life. They couldn’t leave their egos, their social problems and for some relationship problems out of the work environments.  A lot of them had chips on their shoulders who gave attitude to managers, team leaders or the actual Boss and this was frequent and so was the sack rate for these people.

Conflict and Manipulation happened frequently like every week which was pathetic and I’m guilty myself of both conflict and manipulation when I had others try to pull my strings with some directly going after me to attack. The conflicts I had were over me upsetting my adversaries egos because they liked to think they were someone special the center of the universe types and I don’t respect people like that and I especially don’t fear them so I always ignored them and they took it personal.

That’s the problem with egos and certain people they really are easy to break and offend even without you having to directly attack an ego or a person because the host just simply has to get offended and it’s that simple for them to become a problem for you causing the conflict due to them being fragile characters.

Are You Ready For The Real World Full of Grunt Work and Conflict?

If you drop out of education then you may find yourself experiencing similar events to my story as you go forward and from what you have read here do you really want to be subjected to such misery, grunt work and childish conflict moving forward?

If I knew in 2012 what I know now I would never have dropped out of education instead I would have found a new course. The fact is the real world is crap for low skilled workers and some of the low-quality characters you meet are very unpleasant who are best to be avoided.

Low-quality people can be found in every job environment regardless if their low skilled workers or professional workers. However, reflecting back on my experiences I have never met so many childish people in such large volumes like I did when working in warehouses and retail stores. It’s why I refuse to re-enter these outlets for work or even service the best I can so I avoid the childish games and unprofessionalism that I’ve found these environments breed.

Time To Make Your Decision

You have to now make an important decision and it’s one I suggest putting a lot of thought into because your decision now to leave or take on new studies will impact your life positively or negatively.

Bill Gates made the decision to drop out of college and he became one of the richest men in the world but he left with skills that would change the world so he was what you call an exception. Most people who drop out of college don’t have skills that can make an impact on the world so they end up in dead-end jobs regretting their decision to leave education behind only a couple of years later.

I was lucky that I didn’t fall into set habits which left me in the cycle of jumping from one job to another but a lot are not so lucky especially when they become dependent on doing grunt work for a living. I got what I wanted making money and living my life when I was working for Amazon but at the time when I was earning £348.00/Week I was never satisfied with my life and yet this was my main motive for leaving education in the first place.

Now in 2018, I value education and experience more then I value money and it’s funny because today I not only make more money weekly working for myself but I also save more money monthly often finding myself with hundreds left over each month after my lifestyle expenses are paid. You tend to find the less you make money an objective the more it seems to flow your way, in my experience.

I’m advising you now to put a lot of thought into your decision and use long-term thinking to conclude your decision before you execute your next move. You may not get a second chance.

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