What is Making Money Online About?

In January 2018 over 12.000 people have shown an interest in learning what is making money online about? according to Jaaxy. Take a look.

What you’re looking at is the Jaaxy keyword research tool. This tool abstracts data from the Google search engine revealing the search phrases people are using calculated monthly and as you can see in January 2018 12568 people have shown an interest in this specific keyword phrase.

This puts a smile on my face because speaking from experience I know how money is made online but I also know a harsh fact and that is the lion share of people who attempt to generate revenue online fail. In fact, 98% who try and make money online fail and they usually give up within a two month period of getting started or 6 months max. Sad, isn’t it?

The fail rate is high but the 2% is still there and if you know how money is made online and you’re realistic enough to understand the ropes you can become apart of the winning side but first you need to get the basics down. This is where I come in.

How Do People Make Money Online?

People who make money online practice a variety of skills revolving around niche development and online marketing. Niche development regarding building a brand online with a website which later matures into an online affiliate business.

They learn the skills to market their brand to raise brand awareness in the attempt to attract their targeted audience back to their platform who later convert into customers once they build trust and establish a relationship resulting in online sales as their visitors convert.

What you’re looking at is an overview of how the process works of niche development in four simple steps.

For example, 

Let’s say you have an interest in helping people clear inflammatory acne your Job as a niche developer would be to create a website that delivers the solutions for your targeted audience. You do this by providing content advising how to clear inflammatory acne and how to prevent another break out moving forward.

To make money you would need a product that becomes their solution so you can recommend the product with an affiliate link incorporated on a review page also known as a sales page that will benefit your audience by removing their inflammatory acne.

If your visitors purchase the product you recommend through your affiliate link then you earn a slice of the sale called a commission that can range in percentages from 2.5%, 20% and sometimes dependent on the program 50% of the sale slice. This is called the affiliate marketing practice.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue online but it’s not the only way. In fact, there are three main ways content creators make money online with affiliate marketing being just one of them. Let’s take a look.

The Main Three Ways of Generating Revenue Online

Affiliate Marketing

Every niche website you visit will implement the affiliate marketing practice. The way content creators do this is by writing product reviews which are relevant to their targeted audience. These reviews are their main selling pages which will have affiliate links incorporated in what you call a call to action (CTA).

The job of the marketer is to attract and earn their visitors trust with their marketing and writing abilities and if their audience trusts them enough they will take action on their recommendations using the CTA link taking the visitor to another page which is selling the product or service the product review covered.

The marketer who created the content will have an association with the company they’re promoting assigned to their affiliate program which is how they get their affiliate links. If the visitor buys the product then the marketer will earn their share in the delivery of a commission.

Selling Ad Space

You can make money with ads in two different ways. You can apply for a Google Adsense account and if they accept your application you can earn money every time a visitor clicks the ads.

The money you can make varies. Some ads will pay you pennies for each click and others can pay as high as £15.00 – £20.00 per click. This is called PPC know as pay per click. However, Google Adsense doesn’t always accept applications so as an alternative you can sign up for other paid ad services.

The other way of making money with ads is through selling ad space on your website directed towards relevant companies who work in the same industry as your niche. To be accepted by them you would have to show them that you have a high traffic website with at least 10.000 – 50.000 traffic sources coming in a month for relevant companies to consider buying ad space on your website per month.

Most websites make the lion share of their revenue through ads and we’re talking thousands of pounds a month here but to get to this level you must remember you need to attract traffic sources daily which could be organic traffic or paid traffic from your marketing efforts.

Mentoring Services

People working within niches such as the personal development niche or the money advice niche are usually the ones who offer mentoring services for a fee but many niches can follow the same example.

Usually, the charging strategy is to make your customers pay a one time fee for your professional coaching and expertise but you can also create a structure around a system that demands your customers become members of your coaching in the delivery of a program. You can charge a one time fee to access your program or charge a monthly reoccurring fee to your customers as they buy into premium membership status.

You can even offer an emailing service where weekly you sell content in the delivery of emails that your customers pay to receive and you can even have a youtube account containing material that requires a charge for your audience to access it. Do you get it?

The Potential is Limitless

These are the three main ways people are making money online but so many other ways exist.

For example, 

You can build basic niche websites and sell them on the domain exchange, you can be paid by companies to write a review on your website covering their products which they will pay you for usually £50.00 per review. You can even write your own E-books and sell them online now creating your own products etc.

Thousands of ways exist and you just need to master one of them to generate decent amounts of revenue monthly. However, it’s not for everyone.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

As stated above 98% of people who attempt to make money online fail. The main reasons behind this are due to these people having unrealistic expectations and they share one weakness in common being their demand for instant gratification.

They are short-term thinkers and masters at giving up but this isn’t always their fault when you consider the people they listen to. Often Gurus claiming they can take you from scratch to success in a matter of months claiming you can be making thousands of pounds in a short time duration. Unlikely, which is why the failure rate is so high when the naive buy into this crap.

The Truth and Reality

People who succeed with online success are the complete opposite. They’re not naive and they understand to make money online you need to pass the learning curve. This takes realistic expectations, hard work, and commitment. Most importantly the successful think long-term and they refuse to pursue short-term gratifications that promise them the world which is always too good to be true. Always remember that.

The empire of Rome was built by people with these characteristics and it was destroyed by the people who host the failed characteristics. Who do you want to be?

Builders of Rome or Destroyers of The Empire

If you believe you’re ready to make money online and are willing to put in the work then I have an offer for you and it’s one that I only want people who believe they belong to the 2% regarding characteristics to apply. I can take you from scratch to establishment but I can’t carry you.

The fact is I have no interest in working with people who give up without a fight or people who are unrealistic. I’m more interested in the builders of Rome. The ones I Know will succeed. So if you believe you’re capable of putting in the work to be successful online then I can help you but first, know what will be expected of you so you can ensure success in the near future before you even get started.

The Standard Bar

  • Are you prepared to invest 2 years of your time to learn the skills of niche development and marketing ready to make mistakes and learn from them?
  • Are you prepared to sacrifice your free time for education that will benefit you in the near future as you progress through the learning curve?
  • Does the idea of being apart of the 2% attract your attention and will to try for the purpose of personal development?

If you can tick each of these requirements with a yes then you are the perfect candidate to win at making money online. If you can’t tick them then I recommend sticking to your day job because being successful online is not possible without meeting these requirements. It’s harsh I know but if you progress forward without these commitments then you will only lose time and money and I don’t want that.

Learning The Ropes

Since January 2015 I’ve been working with professional and amateur niche developers online using a Platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I developed my skills and experience with WA after committing myself to them when I was desperate at finding direction and stability.

I’m don’t consider myself a professional niche developer or online marketer. In fact, I consider myself to be mid-level who is still growing regarding profession. I was like you back in 2015 wanting to learn how money was made online and today I know and practice the ropes daily which in effect attracts to me revenue. I’m not a Guru I’m just like you.

With that said, here is a post explaining the Wealthy Affiliate program covering what the platform is and how it can benefit you going forward written by me.

==>Click Here and Read About Wealthy Affiliate<==

Understand, Wealthy Affiliate can offer you the training that will develop you niche development and marketing skills but they can’t make money for you they can only give you the blueprints that will lead to online success if you implement their training and establish an affiliate business from Ground Zero.

Anyone telling you otherwise is questionable when you consider that skills need to be mastered for them to work for you and no magic system exists that can produce results without much effort on your part. This is lazy thinking resulting in unrealistic expectations ending with disappointment as you fail. Be realistic and prepared to work and success will follow.

Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or even contact me by email and I’ll be more then happy to answer any of your questions.



Email: Sam@studentsmakingmoneyonline.com

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